BHP Healing Energy

Our bodies are marvellous creations that contain almost miraculous systems such as nerves and meridians that ultimately enable our bodies to heal themselves of many aches, pains and illnesses. Modern life has piled many stresses and strains on humanity however, and our knowledge of self-healing practices has lessened over time. Reconnecting body and brain can restore this knowledge through practices such as BHP.

BHP – or Brain education Healing Points – is an energy healing practice developed by Ilchi Lee, Body & Brain Yoga founder, mind-body expert, educationalist, and writer. By stimulating points on the head, fingers and toes, our natural healing powers are (re)activated. Body and brain are interlinked by nervous, energy (meridians) and other systems, so that what happens in the body is closely linked with activity in the brain, and vice versa. When body and brain is out of balance, and we engage in too many negative practices that impact on our bodies, emotions, and wellbeing, our natural healing powers become weakened.

When BHPs are stimulated, energy signals to correct and heal are sent from the brain to specific organs, turning on a “rest-and-digest” function. BHP helps identify places where pain is stored, and energy is blocked. Invigorating and clearing those blockages through using BHP awakens our brains to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This can also enable a meditative state that may bring deeper understanding of the thoughts and emotions that may trigger your physical conditions. Strengthening connections between your body and brain increases the capacity of your brain to manage your health and leads to greater awareness that helps you improve your habits and lifestyle.

BHP Energy Healing can therefore aid in improving your health and life. You can come and see one of our practitioners of BHP at our Wellness Centres, or you can even do this for yourself!