A Journey of Rejuvenation


Meditation Tour’s ultimate purpose is to support people of all nations and ethnicities to experience a more peaceful and deeper connection with themselves, with each other, and with nature and the earth – to be global Earth Citizens. The Earth Village is the vision of Ilchi Lee, a South Korean educator, author and founder of the Earth Citizen movement. This 156ha of pine forest and native New Zealand bush on the edge of Puketi Forest near Kerikeri, will soon become an educational hub for the internationally connected Earth Citizens Organisation NZ, a charitable trust dedicated to developing world youth (and others) to become leaders who create healthier communities for a more sustainable world.

The Earth Village is an ancient forest of natural beauty which will help you restore your body’s natural healing power. On the Meditation Tours you will walk and breathe and just be you. Special platforms provide wonderful meditation spaces. De-stress and feel the freedom of breath that comes from being in such a beautiful environment. Rejuvenate your life-force in awe-inspiring surroundings.

Additional features of the Earth Village include the 120 Steps Journey – reflect back on your life as you walk the steps, then find purpose and meaning as you plan for your next 60+ years! The Bird of the Soul Garden provides scents to arouse your senses, calm your mind, invigorate your body. Sit, breathe, let go, and smile. Ancient rocks hint at lives lived long ago when the world was simpler, yet grander, untouched by modern concerns of technology and economics. Take time out to feel the grandeur of the earth around you.


Launched in Arizona, US, in September 2013, ECO develops leaders committed to making a difference in their lives and communities for a healthier and sustainable world. In New Zealand, Earth Citizens Organisation was established in 2016. ECO focuses on providing self-development training and education, developing training facilities, and organising community events that help people live mindfully and get healthier naturally. Through these actions, ECO aims to catalyse a shift in the world’s direction to one of peace and sustainability.


This collaborative effort is called the Earth Citizen Movement, the goal of which is to build a global network of 100 million Earth Citizens—people who go beyond nationality, race, and religion to recognise that we are primarily citizens of the earth, and who feel responsible for taking care of the earth. Many of the participants of Meditation Tour’s programmes are inspired to become involved with ECO as Earth Citizen Leaders, who, through their own personal growth, come to facilitate healthy, mindful living in their communities. They teach outreach classes, create community projects and help people create positive, lasting changes in their lifestyles.