Healing Meditation



Unwind from the daily grind with this grounding and healing experience. NZ Meditation Tours offers nature-based meditation, dynamic energy training, meridian healing practices, and heart-opening interactions. We are here to expand your personal horizons and introduce you to an abundance of fresh new possibilities through restorative meditation

Haruru Falls

The native Māori people of New Zealand believe that the lagoon below this thundering waterfall is home to a taniwha, or spirit guardian in the form of a water guardian. Here you’ll calm and clear your mind through breathing, qigong, trekking and kayak meditation.

Earth Village

Here ancient and pristine primary forest, thousands of years old, will help restore your body’s natural healing power. You will de-stress, breathe freely and feel your natural life-force rejuvenate in these awe-inspiring surroundings.

Maori Cultural Experience

Let the sights, sounds and energy of the traditional Māori culture at Rewa’s Village stir and hone your senses. Learn from the proud people, descendants of skilled voyagers and warriors, and guardians of this land’s natural bounty, about how their vibrant culture allows them to honour their humanity. Feel the spine tingling vitality of the haka and mau rakau.

'Fathers' and 'Lords' of the Forest

Evocative Waipoua Forest and Puketi Forest are home to some truly ancient giants; massive Kauri trees towering above the forest floor believed by Māori to join the sky and the earth. In Waipoua Forest, The awe-inspiring Tane Mahuta (‘Lord of the Forest’) exudes an aura of patience, strength and love which can strengthen and nourish those who make the pilgrimage to this site. The Puketi Nature Trail abounds with New Zealand’s native plants, and a night walk puts the local glow-worms on display.

Rotorua Hot Springs

Spa and thermal activity at Rotorua are unlike anything you will experience anywhere else. Return from your time here invigorated, revitalised and refreshed, knowing that you have gifted your body the ultimate restorative treatment that nature has to offer.

Energy Healing and Massage

Learn the principles of energy healing and massage, and practice applying these to both yourself and a partner. These techniques work on the ‘whole person’ by balancing, strengthening and helping to replenish the human energy field for improved physical health, emotional wellbeing, personal fulfilment and spiritual development.

Find Your Balance. Release stagnant energy with the healing light of nature.

Our meditation tours are designed to help you discover yourself on a deeper level through a personal connection of body and mind with New Zealand’s pristine, stunning, natural environment. You’ll explore your inner quietude, banish emotional and physical tension and experience the earth’s restorative power. Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquillity of New Zealand nature.


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Here’s What People Are Saying

“From the moment I arrived at the airport and breathed in the clean, fresh air of New Zealand I could feel myself relaxing completely. My meditation tour was an investment in myself, my health and in recovering my natural equilibrium.

Without giving away too many secrets, highlights that affected me deeply and changed me include the Māori cultural centre, kayaking under a culturally-significant waterfall and being in the presence of some of the oldest trees in the world, the Kauri.

On this trip I became very aware of who I am. Kayaking under the waterfall where Māori ask for messages and express gratitude for the scope, scale and wealth of their natural environment, I felt completely purified of stale, old emotions. I gained a sense of freedom that I now remind myself about daily.

I spent time in some mangroves, where a clean river meets the great Pacific Ocean. It felt pure, healthy and cleansing. Surrounded by a great stillness, the peace broken only by beautifully singing birds, I felt a deep peace and was able to reflect on what my revised vision was for my own life. What a gift!

When I stood facing ‘The Father of the Forest’, his life-force generously helping to restore my own, I knew that I have an obligation as a human being to do what I can to help restore the health of our natural environment. This tree was like a giant castle and a wise elder, a protector and a life-guide with thousands of stories to tell and lessons to teach.

This tour offers an abundance of adventure and self-discovery. You simply must experience it all for yourself!”